This Life-Like Pope Planning Video is Actually a 3D Virtual Model of Philadelphia

You might have to squint to be sure.

Screengrab via Youtube, ESM Productions, Bentley and aero3Dpro

Screengrab via Youtube, ESM Productions, Bentley and aero3Dpro

We’ve seen what the virtual world of Philadelphia looks like in video games set in the dark and war-torn dystopian future. But this recent video shows a tried and true version of Philadelphia so life-like, that you might have to squint to make sure it isn’t the real deal.

The funny thing is, this isn’t for the latest title for XBOX, either.

A fully textured, geographically accurate and high-resolution 3D model was compiled by Australian firm AEROmetrex, an aerial survey and mapping company, in conjunction with construction design software company Bentley, using a ton of data in order to aid ESM Productions produce the papal event on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

According to the description on Youtube, “ESM Productions has a critical role in the arrangements and coordination of more than 100 vendors to service more than a million visitors as well as producing the Festival of Families. The Philadelphia model, along with Bentley Systems software suite, has aided in the planning for this citywide event by capturing crucial details such as street and sidewalk measurements, landscaping heights, and light post placements.

It hits all the hot spots, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, parts of the Schuylkill River Trail, City Hall, Independence Mall and even a super detailed view of the the mosaic/mural Legacy on the 700 block of Chestnut Street.

We have to admit, it is pretty damn life-like, though nothing compared to this drone video from Matt Satell in late August. See for yourself below: