Eagles Win Super Bowl (in Alternate Dystopian Future)

In new video game Homefront: The Revolution, an alliance of Asian nations has invaded the U.S. and turned it into a war zone. On the upside, Philadelphia wins big at football.

Homefront: The Revolution is an upcoming video game where you play a resistance fighter in Philadelphia. But this isn’t a game set in the Revolutionary War. The plot, according to Kotaku: “Set in an alternate timeline where Korea and other Asian nations form a federation before invading the U.S., Homefront places you in the shoes of a fighter in the Philadelphia resistance.”

The game’s latest trailer actually shows the city rendered pretty faithfully, especially the skyline (though the placement of houses seems to be a bit wonky). That’s okay, though, because of something I spotted in recently-released gameplay footage.

Fake Philly Newspapers in Homefront

Gameplay footage from Homefront: The Revolution. Sorry, Philadelphia Weekly and Metro — you didn’t survive.

These are lovingly rendered fake versions of Philadelphia City Paper, the Philadelphia Daily News and The Philadelphia Inquirer. But it’s that last headline, from the fake paper of record — here called The Philadelphia Post — that caught my eye.

Eagles Win the Super Bowl

A screenshot of gameplay footage from Homefront: The Revolution.

The team may be called the Philadelphia Hogs, and the headline writing may be a bit wonky: It’s written more like the Eagles (err, Hogs) just won the English Premier League rather than the Super Bowl. But that’s a Philadelphia football team scoring a “historic win” in the United States’ football league. Yes, in this dystopian future Philadelphia… the Eagles have won the Super Bowl.

I don’t care that the fake Inquirer is just an edited version of the paper’s Barack Obama election victory front page. And I don’t care if they’re called the Hogs and they’re inexplicably preparing for the next season immediately after winning what is now apparently called the Football League Title. I certainly don’t care that the Eagles now apparently wear the jerseys of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s close enough to the Eagles winning the Super Bowl.


A comparison of the front page in the video game and the Inquirer’s Obama front.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating that this is the best video game for Eagles fans since Tecmo Super Bowl.

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