Morning Headlines: PIDC ‘Quarterbacking’ Cause for Navy Yard Subway Extension

Plus: Progress at Rodin Square; Benefits of 'Complete' Streets and Amazing Doors!

Rendering of the Navy Yard Master Plan. By PIDC via Technically Philly.

Rendering of the Navy Yard Master Plan. By PIDC via Technically Philly.

Much like Center City and University City, The Navy Yard is experiencing its own boom, adding 1,000 jobs per year. Unlike the aforementioned core of the city, The Yard is waaaayyy down at the other end of Broad Street. It’s essentially only accessible by car or a long, criss-crossing walk from Pattison AT&T Station. Once you’re there though, it’s a magical place full of amazing old buildings, shiny new green buildings, decommissioned ships,  a Vetri joint and amazing views of the Delaware River. It’s getting there that’s the hardest part. Old slogan aside, that’s where SEPTA comes in, or the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), rather.

PlanPhilly’s Jim Saksa reports today that PIDC is working on plans to extend SEPTA’s Broad Street Line deep into The Navy Yard, possibly with two stations.

Having the PIDC not simply cheerleading, but quarterbacking, the extension makes it a more viable contender for completion than many of the daydream proposals that periodically tease Philadelphia’s imagination.

For a look at the plans, check out PlanPhilly’s in-depth report.

PIDC charts a course for BSL extension to Navy Yard

 Progress at Rodin Square and more!

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Citified on “Complete” Streets:

But this report shows why well-designed shared spaces which include bike lanes can create a safer environment for drivers and bikers alike. There’s a reason why MOTU created a fat, 160-page handbook on “Complete Streets” which is so detailed that it delves into the finer points of thermoplastic tape on decorative crosswalks. Complete Streets are worth the city’s time and resources. The study showed that they practically pay for themselves.

How Bike Lanes & Shared Streets Pay for Themselves, and Then Some [Citified]

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