Late February Demolition Anticipated for University City High School Building

Demolition completion is expected for later this year.

After reaching out to a Drexel University’s Director of Media Relations, we’ve received word that the former University City High School building is facing a possible late February demolition.

The news comes after the above photo, which is that of the former Charles Drew Elementary School, surfaced on Instagram. Charles Drew, along with the now demolished Walnut Center, is on the 14-acre property comprising the UCHS site, which Drexel and Wexford Science & Technology purchased last year.

The joint purchase of the UCHS property was made with the intent of razing all three buildings and replacing them with a $1 billion mixed-use development that would include “a potential K-8 public school surrounded by residential, retail and recreational space as well as laboratory and research office space and parking,” per a press release from last year.

In an email, Drexel’s rep added that the school plans on transforming “this site into a world-class mixed-use environment where the community and private sector will come together in a work, live and play environment.”

Demolition of the Walnut Center is already complete while the Charles Drew demo has begun. Meanwhile, the high school building is currently undergoing remediation with a late February demolition start day in mind and demo completion expected for later this year.

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