Petition: “LOVE PARK SUCKS!” Trade It for an Applebee’s

"Love park should be rezoned as part of the city of Camden in exchange for Applebee's in New Jersey to be relocated to Philadelphia"

Photo credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo credit: Jeff Fusco

So there’s a bizarre petition that will ruffle some feathers. At the very least, it should cause you to tilt your head and say, what the …? A man named Ryan Wilson of Philadelphia has started a movement that’s kind of difficult to explain. Here are the details, if that’s what they’re called:

LOVE PARK SUCKS! Love park should be rezoned as part of the city of Camden in exchange for Applebee’s in New Jersey to be relocated to Philadelphia

I think he’s calling Camden to take LOVE Park in exchange for Applebee’s in a straight swap of a public landmark park for a chain eatery. Eight people have signed this thing — eight – including one (assumed) parody account named Mayor Michael Nutter, who is in love with the plan. So, why is Wilson on this crusade? Uh, the reasons are interesting:

Like a lot of people im sick of the patriarchy and its time we take control and rid ourselves of the perversion that is “love park” and adopt the more appropriate ideals of applebee’s. i mean just look at the hideous image that plagues our city:ugh. see you tomorrow!

What’s actually interesting, from a real news side of things, is that LOVE Park is very much in the process of, for lack of a better term and in the spirit of the argument, not sucking.

The final civic engagement meeting was held on Tuesday by PennPraxis and Hargreaves and Associates to explain their plans for the public space as they move into the design phase. As per PlanPhilly’s report from the meeting, these are the principles for the new LOVE Park, with nary a mention of Applebee’s:

• Provide a signature water element
• Provide plenty of green & horticulture
• Replicate the diagonal pedestrian path
• Reinstall the LOVE Sculpture at its current location
• Lower the JFK Boulevard & 15th Street perimeter grade
• Improve access to the parking garage
• Integrate ventilation shafts with perimeter pedestrian circulation
Hargreaves will be joined by KieranTimberlake (Dilworth Park) and Pentagram, with the latter in charge of the graphics and wayfinding design. PlanPhilly says the timeline to begin construction is “early spring 2016.”