Video: How Much Would It Cost to Insure Downton Abbey?

In the (fictional) event that Isis bites someone or the Queen slips and falls.

At some point in of our lives, we’ve all day-dreamed about what it would be like to live inside one of our favorite TV shows. But when does the experience get a little too real? Probably when you have to foot the yearly insurance bill for one of the most famous estates on the small screen: Downton Abbey.

While we understand it’s essentially one giant commercial for Erie Insurance, they actually took the time to break it down into a rather entertaining expose, you know, as far as insurance videos go.

After taking things like the size of the estate (300 rooms, gardens, stables, etc.), its overall opulence (gold-leafed walls, impossible to find craftsmanship, rare-book collection, etc.), the Abbey’s waitstaff and things like guest liability, Erie estimates that it would cost $10 million a year to insure this puppy.

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