Morning Headlines: Trump Actually Takes His Name Off Something

Has the gaming industry trumped his inflated ego?

Trump_PlazaWhile Donald Trump may have a rather strong sense of self-esteem, he’s also a savvy businessman who’s well aware of which properties he owns and doesn’t own. In the case of AC’s Trump Plaza and Trump Taj Mahal, he hasn’t owned either one, notes the Philadelphia Business Journal, in five years. Rather, they’re owned by Trump Entertainment, which is in bankruptcy. He’s been trying to get his name off of them since August.

He’ll get his wish today, daughter Ivanka says. There’s more from the Business Journal, which aggregated a story from the AP, which was featured on So this is, what, a fourth-hand aggregation? At some point in my journalism career, there would be a Philly reporter in the car at 5 a.m., swigging coffee, on the way to AC having gotten a tip from a construction worker who was putting up scaffolding.

Anyway. For the source where I saw this news, go here.

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Trump Plaza photo by Flickr user DigitizedChaos