Morning Headlines: Rittenhouse Shopping Corridor Is Changing For the Better

Its "boutiquey vibe" is getting stronger.


New stores and relocations can do a lot for an area, none more evident than in the ever evolving Rittenhouse shopping district. Taking note of its changes, the Inquirer’s Elizabeth Wellington shines a light on the neighborhood’s growing status as an “epicenter of style:”

Although they are merely relocating, the moves of Duke & Winston, Joan Shepp, and Knit Wit to Chestnut are significant because, with Boyds Philadelphia, they help maintain a boutiquey vibe on the street.

And why is this “boutiquey vibe” important?

“With all this growth along the main corridors, developers and real estate agents are starting to focus on the numbered streets that connect Chestnut, Sansom, and Walnut, said Douglas Green, principal of MSC Realty.”

Indeed, she reminds us of the scheduled openings later this year, something “likely to transform the Rittenhouse shopping district” in spite of rent increasing along Chestnut Street (30% since 2013).

Mirror, Mirror: As Rittenhouse district transforms into an epicenter of style [Inquirer]

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