“Silly Celebrity Real Estate Rumor and Gossip” About Taylor Swift [UPDATED]

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Our favorite real estate gossip site, RealEstalker, has a post about Delaware Valley gal Taylor Swift and her latest real estate inclinations — we’re talking 1,150 words devoted to circumstantial evidence of the most delightful kind. To break it down:

Rumor: Swift is the buyer of director Peter Jackson’s duplex penthouses in TriBeCa, which he put on the market first for a combined asking price of $21,500,000 and later as two separate properties, with asking prices of $5.1 million for the 3-bedroom and $14.85 million for the 6-bedroom.


1. Swift — who RealEstalker describes as “the fantastically rich 24-year old crossover pop-country queen whose stock in trade is catchy and vindictive ditties about her former boyfriends” — has been looking at downtown Manhattan digs for sale for a while.

2.  Jackson’s penthouses are under contract with a mystery buyer.

3. Swift reportedly bought an apartment in TriBeCa.

4. That apartment is reportedly in the building that is topped by the Jackson penthouses.

5. Page Six says she paid $20 million, which is very close to Jackson’s original asking price.

RealEstalker’s take?

Of course, this is all just some silly celebrity real estate rumor and gossip, and possibly a whole bunch of hooey. Although Your Mama wouldn’t bet our long-bodied bitches, it’s entirely possible that there’s absolutely no connection between Miss Swift and the Peter Jackson penthouses. …Could be she’s renting or bought one of the nine or ten other luxury loft-style apartments in the building. Could be.

I believe that’s a rather wry “could be,” for those who are missing the tone here.
Below, photos of the home where Peter Jackson definitely lived but where Taylor Swift may or may not live in the future:

Photos: Corcoran via StreetEasy

Updated to reflect that Swift did, in fact, buy a $20 million apartment in that building:

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