“Funeral” Planned for Melon Street Home

"Demolition in the service of preservation."

3711 Melon Street Funeral for a Home.

3711 Melon Street.
Photo credit: Funeral for a Home.

Blight causes more than the figurative death of each building it touches: there’s loss of community history as well. Funeral for a Home honors that loss with a  “funeral service” held in the memory of former Philadelphia homes and the lives they once housed. (Pictured above is the next home to be commemorated in May.)

However, with the ending of one life comes the beginning of another, which is why the group, comprised of Mantua residents, community non-profits, Temple Contemporary, and local artists Jacob Hellman, and Billy and Steven Dufala, also celebrates neighborhood rebirth.

Tonight, they host an event at the Mantua Haverford Community Center to discuss how artists are pioneering redevelopment in their neighborhoods.

Creative Neighborhood Redevelopment
When: Thursday, March 13, 7:00pm
Where: Mantua Haverford Community Center, 631 N 39th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Funeral for a Home: 3711 Melon Street
When: Saturday, May 31, 11:00am
Where: 3711 Melon Street, Philadelphia, PA