10 Houses That Make Staying Inside Amazing

Too much snow to go out? Who cares?

One view of the Skateboard House

One view of the Skateboard House

At the moment, with my office closed and SEPTA constraining my mobility, I am sitting at my dining room table, and staring at a basket of laundry to be folded, a couch with a lump of blanket containing a needy chihuahua, and a fleece robe — on a different couch — enveloping an overweight cat unclear on why he isn’t being fed. There are dishes to be done and windows rattling from the wind. Inside my apartment, it is not AMAZING. It is merely home. And it can get a little…close.

But there are homes that would make being stuck inside feel like an adventure, even with household tasks to do and animals that require attention. So here, for your reading pleasure, are 10 such homes.

The Slide House in Japan
Via Bored Panda


The Skate House, Planned for Malibu

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Indoor Treehouse on Bainbridge Island
Via Hooked on Houses


La Belle Epoque in Monaco
02viewfromthetop-e1284292321186Via Luxist


12 E 69th Street, New York, NY.
440x660440x660 (1) Via Corcoran Group Real Estate


Metamorphic Apartment in Hong Kong
gary-chang-apartment-hong-kong-4gary-chang-apartment-hong-kong-1Via Unbiased Writer


6 Inspiration Pt, Laguna Niguel, CA
game roomgame room2theaterVia HomeSeekers


Telluride Mansion in Mountain Village, CA
1023telluridelabyrinth161023telluridelabyrinth28 1023telluridelabyrinth27Via Realtor.com


Outdoors Indoors House in Tokyo
outdoors01 outdoors14via Design Boom


20450 N 108 Place, Scottsdale, AZ
42_4669444_17_1376077431_636x435 42_4669444_36_1376077433_636x435 42_4669444_37_1376077433_636x435
via Estately

With picks by Angelly Carrion, too.