Morning Headlines: Ruffin Nichols Church Is Really Gone

Ruffin Nichols painting

Fragment of what was lost when the Ruffin Nichols church was demolished. Photo: Liz Spikol reports that OSHA fined Upper Darby for “serious violations — like a lack of training regarding hydrochloric acid — that “posed a substantial possibility of serious harm or death.”
• Ruffin Nichols Church is completely demolished, says Naked Philly. “Now, the spot where the church stood for many decades is a flat dirt lot. Eventually, we understand fourteen condos and four townhomes will rise here.”
• Berlin-based artist Katharinia Grosse will paint a five-mile stretch of dilapidated buildings along the train track tracks, in a “torrent of color,” says Neast Philly.

• It’s Renter’s Week over at Curbed, and here are Three Simple Tips for Protecting Your Security Deposit. You’re probably letting your landlord get away with things.
• Also this week, a very important fundraising event: the yearly membership drive for Philadelphia’s most amazing, most incredible, most fantastic website (and we do say this with a trace of bias, because we love everyone over there): Hidden City. But websites do need members to survive, so help out, won’t you?