Floating Condo With Restrained Design for $9,000

This 29 foot houseboat is being kicked to the curb — or should we say, dock. The owners are selling it so they can buy a tuna boat, which, unlike this Nautiline, will be mobile. In theory, the houseboat is mobile as well, but the motor is broken — to which we say, “Who cares?” No one zips around in a houseboat anyway. In fact, in the Craigslist ad, the owners write, “we used it as a floating condo. And loved every minute.”

Not every houseboat with a broken motor gets a mention from us (which is to say: none), but the interior design of this one is strikingly tasteful. So many houseboats suffer from an overenthusiastic employment of boating style notes: the Old Salt lamp, say, or seashell-studded netting over the living room.

Not so, here. And its on-land parking spot is paid until May, as is the transfer-to-water fee.

Houseboat must sell make offer ASAP – $9000 (Lewes )