Friends of Clark Park: In Favor of 4224 Baltimore Development

The Friends of Clark Park issued a statement offering its approval of 4224 Baltimore, a new development proposed and designed by a team consisting of the New York-based Thylan Associates; U³ Ventures; and Cecil Baker + Partners architecture firm. The approval, however, is predicated on a few recommendations/stipulations, as published in an open letter by the organization’s president Erin Engelstad:

  • The portion of the building facing the park should be low and inviting.
  • We prefer the design of the building to include terracing and include as many green features as possible.
  • The project must support the efforts of the existing Farmers’ Market.
  • Retail should be limited to certain smaller, community-oriented retailers and should be encumbered as such to require this stipulation remain in the future.
  • The Friends of Clark Park look with favor on the idea of building a proportion of coop units into the development, to support a desirable owner-renter balance in the community which in turn will support the park.

The building will have 92 residential units, six parking spaces and 36 bicycle parking spaces.

Cecil Baker + Partners

Cecil Baker + Partners

So where do things stand now?  The proposal gets a Civic Design review from the City Planning Commission and then, ideally, a final zoning permit. Then comes the building permits and construction!