Morning Headlines: Saffron Considers Carl Dranoff’s Latest Project

Rendering of One Riverside, Dranoff's latest. Cecil Baker+Partners.

Rendering of One Riverside, Dranoff’s latest. Cecil Baker+Partners.

Back in March, the Inquirer’s architecture critic Inga Saffron wrote this of developer Carl Dranoff: “One thing you can say about Carl Dranoff’s taste in architecture is that it’s getting better.” (This Changing Skyline column was written after she rather infamously compared Dranoff’s Symphony House to a Pepto Bismol bottle.)

For his new waterfront development, Saffron is pleased that he’s working with such good architects–Cecil Baker + Partners–and says “the new 21-story apartment building on the Schuylkill that has the potential to raise the bar for all waterfront design in Philadelphia.” The again, “we should keep in mind that Dranoff is the same guy who gave us the giant Pepto Bismol bottle called Symphony House.”

For more about the renderings and the planned units, go here.

And now, for more headlines…

• The Reef waterfront condo development is back on track, says the Inky, and is in the hands of David Grasso as receiver.
• There is a little bit more information about what’s going to happen to Antiquarian’s Delight, the former B’nai Reuben synagogue on Sixth Street, now that it’s closing its very quirky vintage doors. Sounds like Jordan Fetfatzes is planning to keep the building intact, according to an email exchange with Hidden City.
• lists its five most expensive homes–and guess what? Not a single on is in this tri-state area.
• Quote of the week: “It has been our observation that what young professionals are looking for is lots of glass”–architect of rental building slated for 4224 Baltimore Avenue, near Clark Park