Bethlehem, Pa., Named One of “18 Best Cities for Bros” Due to High-Schooler’s Use of Axe

downtown bethlehem

Photo of downtown Bethlehem via Wikipedia.

For once, Philadelphia has not been included in an unflattering list–though had the author of these rankings visited BroLibs, he might have changed his mind. The list–“The 18 Best U.S. Cities for Bros”–comes courtesy of real estate website Estately, and puts Bethlehem at No. 17:

Bethlehem made the list primarily because a high school student there was hospitalized after suffering an allergic reaction from an overexposure of Axe Body Spray. However, oh little bro town of Bethlehem, you are much more than a toxic cloud of spray-on brodor. You are home to Lehigh University, a small school whose cultural life revolves around its fraternity scene, with a brolific 37% of male students in a fraternity. The lacrosse team was ranked 13th in the country last season and The Daily Beast considers it the #19 party school in America. Your caucasians are plentiful (65.4%), the marijuana abounds, and white baseball hats turned backwards can be seen all over campus.

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