Add Drama to Your Home with Exposed Brick Walls

Exposed Brick Walls

Looking for a way to add drama to a room? Consider incorporating an exposed brick wall. This accent style can serve as the focal point of a room, giving it a sense of elegance or prestige. Exposed brick walls have fallen in and out of favor over time. During the Renaissance, for example, they were frequently covered with plaster, but during the 18th century, they became en vogue again.

Brick walls can add warmth and texture to a room.  It’s best to have only one exposed brick wall though—too many and the look can be overwhelming. Older homes have an advantage when it comes to exposed brick walls. Still, if you aren’t lucky enough to move into a home with one, you can try exposing a brick wall yourself by removing the plaster. Just start small—bricklayers often save their prettiest bricks for the exterior. Fortunately, exposed brick can look great painted, which can cover any blemishes. If you don’t want to the mess or the work, you can always fake it with faux-brick wall panels.

Of course, if you’re in the market for a home, you can always add “exposed brick wall” to your list of must-haves. It will certainly save you the time and energy.