Beautiful Photos of Hidden City Festival Installations (Tomorrow Is Free!)

The Hidden City Festival brings contemporary art and performance into forgotten and forbidden sites across the city for music lovers, urban explorers, ruin festishists, art enthusiasts, history buffs and, most especially, The Philadelphia Obsessive, that strange breed of person who gets flushed talking about the Sameric (sorry, the Boyd).

Property’s staff photographer Laura Kicey went to three Hidden City Festival sites to take photos now that the installations are in place. For some of the sites before, go to “Inside Some of Philadelphia’s Most Extraordinary Forbidden Buildings.

Hawthorne Hall, 3849 Lancaster Avenue

Shivtei Yeshuron-Ezras Israel, 2015 S. Fourth Street

Kelly Natatorium in Fairmount Park, 640 Water Works Drive

All photos by Laura Kicey.

Entrance to all sites is free on Thursday. Free! For more info, go here.