Yarn Bomber Exacts Revenge on Benedict Arnold at Mount Pleasant Colonial Home

When John Adams called the Mount Pleasant House “the most elegant seat in Pennsylvania” in 1775, it is unlikely he ever imagined it being covered in yarn. But yarn-bombing artist Melissa Maddonni Haims is doing exactly that to the historic Fairmount Park estate in a project sponsored by Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Maddonni, who is known for yarn bombings throughout the city (you may have seen her work at PAFA or in South Philadelphia recently), is decorating the 18th-century home in what she’s calling “knit graffiti.” The graffiti consists of “freestanding soft sculptures” in addition to knitted and crocheted coverings.

The installation accompanies new period furniture, all of which will be explained by park house guides who will be on hand to tell tales from the historic home. Among the most interesting? Noted traitor Benedict Arnold owned the house for a brief period. One can only imagine what he would think of combining history with craft.

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