Design Ideas for Kids: When Being Childish is Ok

Easy design ideas for kids

When it comes to decorating children’s rooms, it’s time to let your creative side loose. From bright colors to fun themes, design ideas for kids are boundless (much like their energy levels right before bedtime) and should lean towards whimsical and light-hearted. Still, it’s nice to have some guidelines to make the experience more manageable‚ especially if your tired tots are not!


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1. Since kids change their interests fairly quickly, it’s best to incorporate current obsessions into the design with accessories that are interchangeable instead with pricey components (e.g. opt for Thomas the Tank Engine comforter and lamp details instead of a giant wall mural).If this Phillies fan decided to route for the Mets, all you’d have to do is swap out a few accessories (and maybe call a family meeting).

2. Wall decals  can be a fun way to add character to a room—and they can easily be removed.

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3. Of course it’s easy to play with color when it comes to a kid’s room. Select brightly colored paints to create a cheery atmosphere, or opt for complementing colors for added personality.

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4. Personalization is a timeless, popular trend—a child’s name transforms into wall art with cute wooden letters or stencils.

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5. As kids get older, consider giving them a general room thing that reflect their interests, like going to the beach.