Property’s Morning Obsession: Philly Skyline Drawn on Etch-A-Sketch

How many iterations of the Philadelphia skyline have we seen? Photographs, silkscreens, paintings, Pinterest boards, vast enormities of Etsy products–there’s even a stop-motion video with Legos in front of an image of the skyline; why? we don’t know. (You can see the wholly irrelevant and baffling video after the jump–it is our gift to you. Like the state of PA, we are generous.)

But no skyline rendering is more thrilling than the one we happened upon through Pinterest via Tumblr imgured on reddit and hat tipped by…actually, we’re not sure where we first found it. The important thing is: IT EXISTS. It’s been around for a couple years, but artist Byran Lee Madden has since done many more sketches. He even has mascots and recently wrapped up a “world tour,” which may actually not have taken him out of Connecticut.

Ladies and gents, may we present: the Philadelphia skyline Etch-a-Sketch:

By Bryan Lee Madden

By Bryan Lee Madden

Here’s what Madden had to say about the Philly skyline piece after he initially posted it:

This was my most most involved work up to and for a long time after this point. I was especially happy to have captured the statue atop City Hall. Was my favorite etch for the longest time, probably my second now. I’m from the NYC area but have a lot of familiarity with Philly so it was an obvious choice for an early city sketch.

Madden’s Facebook page with updated info and all his artwork.

And the video, just for fun: