Prepping Your Deck for Spring and Summer

Prepping Your Deck for Spring and Summer

With the days getting longer and the hint of hotter temperatures in the air, you might want to start prepping your deck for long hours lazing outside in the sun. If your deck took a beating during the winter months (or during last weekend’s storm), don’t worry: Sprucing it up is an easy weekend task for you (and/or the kids).

1. Clean it up. Before you bring out the hammock or lounger, give your deck a good scrubbing to rid it of any dirt or grime that collected over the winter. If it’s really dirty and dingy, you may need to give it a facelift with some intense power washing.

2. Consider painting or staining if your deck is up there in years. If you need to paint, don’t be afraid of colors—just be sure to match your hue to your home’s exterior color.

pool/deck3. You can also add color with potted plants that will look great positioned around your deck. Just remember to water them.

4. Adding a water element is another way to make your deck stand out. If you’re feeling particularly grand, you can incorporate your pool into your deck area.

5. Upgrade your furniture. Outdoor furniture can take a beating from Mother Nature. If your cushions are ripped or your wicker is worn through, they may require replacing. If there are minor nicks and dings, you may be able to save them with a little TLC.