Philly’s Teensiest Rental: A Very Au Courant 225 Square Feet

As far as we can determine, this studio apartment at 20th and Walnut is the smallest rental apartment in Philadelphia. It’s very chic to inhabit a small space, actually, given New York’s recent infatuation with micro-apartments, including a competition that set the square footage minimum at 250. So Philadelphia beats NYC. How do you like that.

According to the listing, the renovated kitchen features “a gas range, a garbage disposal and a space-saving mini fridge” (emphasis ours). However, it’s true that it doesn’t look as cramped as it might because it does have high ceilings and the listing says it has a standard closet as well, meaning, we suppose, a space larger than a crack in the wall.

Building amenities:
Newly renovated common areas
Coin-operated laundry
24/7 on-call service
24/7 front-door video surveillance
Front-door intercom

In this case, though, it’s not about the amount of space–it’s about the location, which is obviously unbeatable. Available in June for $850 per month. Allan Domb is also working on Rittenhouse-area micro-apartments, and we’re pretty excited about those.

Meanwhile, 225 square feet is positively luxurious in comparison to the cage-like conditions some Hong Kong residents live in–averaging 40 square feet and only able to be photographed from above:


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