Have Any Complaints About Comcast?

Do you have complaints about Comcast? Seems like a rhetorical question, right? Practically everyone in this city has a Comcast horror story. Now the city is asking to hear those stories from residents because the Comcast contract with Philadelphia is up in 2015.

If you are one of the countless people who complains incessantly about Comcast, speak up! This is your chance, or a chance, at any rate. Be specific, clear and articulate. Post your initial comments now by clicking on the link below. Also below, a post from the Consumerist, just to show it’s not only Philadelphians who are cranky about Comcast.

· Comcast Cable Franchise Renewal [City of Phila]
· Congrats Comcast, You’re Only The Third-Worst Company In America This Year [The Consumerist]