Let There Be Light: The Benefits of Installing a Skylight

INSIDE EDITION: Benefits of Installing a Skylight

Got a dark room that could use a little brightening? Consider the benefits of installing a skylight. Skylights  are a great way to bring in natural light during the day and cut down on electricity costs. Add a skylight in the bathroom for sun-filled showers or in the bedroom to be naturally awoken by the sun—a healthier and more pleasant method than an alarm clock. Here are a few things to consider when adding a skylight to a room.

Materials: While you’ll save money going with an inexpensive unit with plastic glazing, they don’t last as long and they may leak. Go with a curbed skylight with energy-efficient glazing and the factory flashing kit made to go with it to ensure that there are no leaks.

Fixed or venting: Decide whether you want your skylight to be fixed or able to open and close. If you want your skylight to open, think about putting it in a place that’s easy to access. For high ceilings and other hard-to-reach places, a fixed skylight might be a better choice.

Shades: If you don’t want to wake up with the sun every morning or if a room gets too hot at the sunniest part of the day, you can add a shade or a screen to a skylight. Shades and blinds for skylights can be purchased at many home stores, but in a pinch you can cover them with cardboard, insulation styrofoam or fabric cut to fit the skylight. Or attach fabric to two spring-form rods with some simple stitches to create a shade.

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