PW Reader Ring: Melissa & JJ!

It was an extra special night out in the city for this local bride-to-be.

Melissa's ring!

Melissa’s ring!

The couple: Melissa Roach and JJ Jordan, from Deptford.

The ring: My ring has a princess-cut solitaire set in white gold. The setting has character, which almost resembles an upside down heart. He had help picking out my ring from his mom and two sisters, but if you ask him, he will tell you he did it all on his own!

JJ did know what I wanted a princess cut—I am OCD for clean corners and symmetry—but the rest, I left to him. The ring is from Barsky Jewelers, where his dad bought his mother’s ring over 30 years ago.

The proposal: I love the rare occasions we dress up and head into the city for dinner. I was even more excited because one of our friends was coming who we hadn’t seen in what seemed like an eternity. But as we approached XIX, JJ told me that our friend wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be joining us, after all.

The wind was really let out of my sails, then, but we went on anyway and had an amazing dinner overlooking the city. I must have asked a thousand times why we were seated at a two-top table the reservation had been for four; I wasn’t suspicious, just curious how that happened so quickly. After dinner, we were walking through the courtyard at City Hall on the way to Dilworth Park. We stopped in the center to take a selfie with the clock tower. As I went to walk away, Jay stopped me and his exact words were, “What are you doing for the rest of your life?”

I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much out of happiness. And cried even more when Jay told me our families were waiting for us back at my brothers house. It was everything I ever wanted: I wanted to be wearing heels when it happened—this was super important if you know me! I wanted to see my family after to celebrate. And I wanted him to not only ask my dad, but ask my brother as well. And he did all of that for me. I don’t think Jay will ever understand how much it meant to me that he did that and how forever grateful I am. The night was pure magic.

The band: I’m torn with what I want! I My grandmother gave me her wedding band  to incorporate into my own if I want. I’m not sure I have the heart to change hers, though. I’m thinking something simple and timeless. I’m open to suggestions!

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