PW Reader Ring: Kristen & Joshua!

Kristen's ring!

Kristen’s ring!

The couple: Kristen Kline and Joshua Carr, from Cherry Hill

The ring: My ring is a solid emerald-cut diamond with diamonds around the band. It’s gorgeous! I love old Hollywood glamor so I instantly fell in love with the elegant emerald cut. I had no idea, though, that Joshua was secretly meeting with Robert’s Fine Jewelry in Northfield to design the ring and pick the perfect stone. He brought his parents to help with the process and it’s just perfect.

The proposal: The week before Joshua proposed, we had been in Cabo and our luggage had been lost, so I kept joking that it was a good thing he hadn’t been planning on proposing, because the ring would have been lost! After we got back, the night before he proposed, Joshua was showing me different pictures of engagement rings and asking my opinion. I had no clue!

The next night he suggested we go to dinner and on the way home, he made a point to say that he would walk the dogs (we have two teacup chihuahuas), but asked that I help with their leashes when he came back into the house. When he returned, the door opened, and Joshua came in with the one dog holding a sign around his neck with the lyrics to Elvis’s “Burning Love”! (I love Elvis!)  and “Will You Marry Me?” and the other dog had the ring around his neck. I was completely shocked. He said they he would never be able to purpose to me without our two furbabies involved. It was the most thoughtful and loving proposal and was everything I dreamed of.

The band: Ever since I was a little girl I have been in love with my grandmother’s plain yellow gold band. It is simple yet timeless. My grandmother passed away before I was born and my middle name is my grandmother’s first name. I felt that would be the best way to honor and carry her around with me forever. That simple band to me is priceless and a perfect addition to my gorgeous engagement ring!

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