PW Reader Ring: Sarah & Tony!

Sarah's ring!

Sarah’s ring!

The couple: Sarah Weyand and Tony May, from Abington

The ring: My ring has a round diamond with a diamond halo set on a rose gold and with pavé diamonds. When we began talking about getting married one day about two years into our relationship, I mentioned that I wanted a rose-gold ring with a really thin band. We went to a few jewelry stores to try on different styles and get a final answer on what size ring I wear, and he eventually had my ring custom-made at Jared’s in Willow Grove, where a friend of Tony’s works. I love my ring so much—but especially love the delicate detailing under the center stone.

The proposal: Full disclosure: I totally knew this was coming. We had discussed getting engaged for months, and I knew he had ordered the ring. I told Tony that I did not want to get engaged during the holiday season, so I figured it was either going to happen before Thanksgiving or sometime in early 2016. Then I overheard someone asking Tony if everything was “still on for Sunday,” and got suspicious.

To be fair, he totally threw me for a loop the day of. He made so many plans for us that I started to question if he had maybe rescheduled or came up with a different idea. On the way to pick up his sons from his cousin’s in Reading, Tony suggested we stop at my grandparent’s house in Pottstown. (We would not be with them for Thanksgiving.) Once we arrived he took me to their backyard, where my Pop-pop had built a playhouse for me when I was a little girl. With the help of my aunt and uncle, Tony had the playhouse restored and beautifully decorated—and that’s where he asked me to marry him. Even though I knew it was coming I could not stop shaking! It was perfect! We then had a celebratory meal with our families at my grandparents’ house.

The band: We already purchased my wedding band—rose gold with pavé diamonds—to perfectly match my engagement ring. I cannot wait to wear it every day and be Mrs. May.

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