PW Reader Ring: Julie & Tiel!

Julia's ring!

Julia’s ring!

The couple: Julia Neuberger and Tiel Landwehr, from South Jersey.

The ring: I had shown him one picture of a ring: It had a diamond in the shape of a heart. I thought it was so cute! Except he didn’t seem interested in looking at it at all and didn’t mention anything more about it—never asked a ring size, nothing.

He ended up going to a local jeweler, Davidson Jewelers, where his best friend bought his fiance’s engagement ring, about a week before proposing. He went in looking for a heart-shaped diamond ring. Unfortunately, they didn’t carry those, but the employee helped him pick out the most gorgeous ring ever! Plus, it ended up fitting perfectly.

The proposal: We had been together a little over five years, so before last Christmas when he started asking me what I wanted, I was very honest and said that I wanted an engagement ring. We bought a house together last year, so I figured it was time. He probably asked me 10 more times what I wanted for Christmas after that, so it was getting frustrating, but I kept telling him a ring!

I work from home, so I would know if he went out for a period of time when he could buy it, but he hid it well. On Christmas morning, there was a big box with my name on it under the tree and I probably said a few not very nice words under my breath out of frustration that I still wasn’t getting a ring. He was so nervous that after opening his gifts, he waited forever before I could open mine. But after going through a ton of tissue paper he shoved in the box, I found the ring and he proposed!

The band: We’re not getting married until 2017 so we still have some time to pick out our bands—but I’m really enjoying the sparkly ring, so I’ll probably go for a sparkly band.

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