These 11 Underwater Hotels Make for the Coolest Honeymoon Accommodations

We wouldn't mind a stay in this awesome suite.

We wouldn’t mind a stay in this awesome suite.

We talk quite frequently here on the blog about the world’s most unbelievable, bucket list-worthy hotels to stay at for your honeymoon. We’ve featured tons of amazing accommodations over the yearsbut the spots we’re showing you today take the wow factor to a whole new level.

Please join us in ogling these 11 so-cool hotels (plus hotel bars, restaurants and spas) that are completely underwater. Yes, that’s right, underwater. Ocean lovers will be in their glory, lounging, eating and sleeping right alongside the colorful fishes. Luxury stays in the Maldives, Singapore, Key West, Dubai and Tanzania are all included on this list, and each one is more fascinating than the next. Safe to say they all get a check mark in the once-in-a-lifetime category, if that’s what you’re looking for in your honeymoon destination.

See one that piques your interest? Let us know in the comments below! We’d love to hear if any of you are considering an underwater hotel for your honeymoon.

For lots more inspiration, advice and ideas for your honeymoon, go here.

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