PW Reader Ring: Megan & Bob!

Megan's ring!

Megan’s ring!

The couple: Megan Herlihy and Bob Asklar, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a round brilliant stone set in white gold with a vintage octagonal setting; the center diamond is surrounded by baguettes and smaller round side diamonds.

Bob and I had been talking about getting married for a while, and had casually looked at rings together for about a year, so I definitely helped pick the ring out. (I also sort of knew when he purchased the ring, but he had held on to it for a little while before actually proposing.) We had been torn between two different center diamonds, so I left that decision up to him. He purchased the ring from Steven Singer.

The proposal: We got engaged back in April, and at the time, Bob had just accepted a new job. He had planned dinner for us on a Friday and told me it was to celebrate the new job he had started. It was at the place we had our first date, Sampan.

Dinner was amazing but he didn’t propose … and I didn’t even expect it. The next morning, I asked him if he wanted to go out to breakfast and he said sure. I told him I wanted to eat at Cafe Ole in Old City, but he insisted on Race Street Cafe, our usual spot for any meal. Right before we left to go out to eat, he said he forgot his phone up in our bedroom, and when he came down he was holding my kitty and she had a bow on her neck. The bow read “Will You marry Bob?” He then got down on one knee and said the best words to me—and it was so nice because it was just the two of us.

When we made it over to Race Street Cafe for breakfast, both of our families were there waiting to celebrate!  It was so sweet and so low key, exactly what I wanted—and I had no idea it was coming! I was caught completely off guard. He thought for sure I knew it was going to happen because of where we ate dinner the night before.

The band: We have looked at a few bands but haven’t found the right one yet. I think something simple with a little vintage flair is what I am going for!

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