5 Ways to Be a Terrible Wedding Guest


No one wants to be the drunk guest. Shutterstock

The fact that lists like this even exist always makes me laugh—what is it about weddings that brings out the most inappropriate, embarrassing and downright annoying sides of people? You would think that by now most guests are well aware of how to behave at such an event, and yet at almost every wedding you attend, you’re likely to find at least a few of the usual suspects: the drunk, the unannounced speech giver—the unannounced attendee!—the crazy relative, the girl trying to upstage the bride.

These kinds of people seem to be inevitable at weddings, so the best you can do as a bride is be prepared for ’em (you’re probably thinking right now about the friends and relatives on your guest list who will assume those stereotypical roles). And, though it goes without saying, please don’t be one of those guests at someone else’s wedding!

We thought this was a pretty excellent refresher: five particular behaviors that every guest should avoid. Feel free to pass it along to anyone who may need a little reminder.

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