Watch This Adorable 4-Year-Old Flower Girl Exasperatedly Explain Weddings to Her Dad

I was first introduced to JoJo Lomelino when a friend of mine posted this video—the 4-year-old is explaining to her dad why she’s not a princess (princesses have prettier dresses and bracelets, she says)—on Facebook. She’s one sassy little girl, and, as it turns out, an overnight sensation on YouTube.

In her most recent viral video, JoJo is once again having a very serious conversation with her dad, and this time it’s about weddings. The munchkin is gearing up to be a flower girl in an upcoming wedding, and she wants to make sure her dad isn’t going to embarrass her during her walk down the aisle.

“Dad, you do not understand weddings. At all.” Can you imagine what she’ll be like as a bride?

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