Natalie Portman Teaches Us the Most Dramatic Way Possible to Call Off a Wedding In Her New Dior Ad

Natalie Portman wastes a perfectly good wedding dress in the new ad for the perfume Miss Dior. Behold as she just strips and leaves it in the wilderness:

The (jaw-droppingly beautiful) ad for the circa-1947 perfume that many of you probably have sitting on your vanity was directed by Anton Corbijn and features the (jaw-droppingly beautiful) actress thinking better of tying the knot with one mystery man on the Cote d’Azure, and, after apologizing to her father for all those wedding funds he’s never going to see again, hops into a helicopter with another mystery man as Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” swells in the background.

And what of the dress, we ask? Well, although we have not been able to find evidence that the Dior stunner is available for purchase anywhere, you can see behind-the-scenes photos of it being designed and sewn over the course of 600 hours right here. Now that is a high-low hemline.

And for an even more dramatic version of her escape, take a look at the director’s cut below:

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