Did You Love Rayna James’ Wedding Dress on “Nashville”? Here’s the Designer and Where You Can Get It In Philly

Rayna James' wedding dress, as seen on ABC's Nashville, and on the runway.

Rayna James’ wedding dress, as seen on ABC’s Nashville, and on the runway.

We may not—spoiler!—have seen Rayna James’ wedding dress last night on Nashville for all that long, but I’m guessing it was just long enough for engaged fans of the show to wonder who made the beautiful gown worn by actress Connie Britton’s superstar character.

I had an inkling myself, while watching it (it’s one of those shows that I don’t particularly follow or DVR, but frequently have on in the background while doing something like addressing five and a half million holiday cards), but today, I set out to investigate.

I knew in my heart that the designer had to be Monique Lhuillier—I’d recognize that particular embroidery anywhere—but only after combing through collection after collection—and then confirming my findings—were my suspicions validated: It is indeed by Monique Lhuillier. The style is called Luella, and it’s from the Fall 2013 collection.

However! I knew there was no way it was “sold out” as I’ve seen on some sites—that’s not really accurate language to describe what happens when a wedding gown is no longer in circulation, and anyway, it’s not from that long ago. So I reached out to Pattie Lamantia, owns the Wedding Shoppe in Wayne’s Eagle Village Shops, and she says that they can certainly order the dress if it’s the one you’d like to try on.

And it certainly is a gorgeous one. Like I said, look at that embroidery!

Is this gown now on your list of possibilities after seeing it on the show?

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