6 Smart Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer



Whenever I’m talking with a bride about her wedding vendors, and her search for a photographer comes up, I always make the point that with this vendor, perhaps more than any others, you’ve got to actually like the person.

If you and your baker aren’t scheduling to meet up again for happy hour after your tasting or you don’t become insta-besties with the manager at the shop where you ordered your invites, life will go on. But your photographer is the person who will be by your side from the time you slip into your wedding dress until the lights come on at your reception—they will see a lot, for starters, but it is also through their eyes that your wedding day will be captured in photos. You guys need to have a great rapport in order to get on the same page so that those photos also represent the way you want your day to be remembered.

We thought this NYT article offered some really smart tips on how to approaching choosing your wedding photographer; the type of stuff that is truly always worth repeating. It all boils down to these main points—

  • Getting recs is always better than flying blind when it comes to photog research.
  • Absolutely Internet-investigate anyone you’re considering.
  • Don’t hire family members.
  • Don’t just go off a person’s website.
  • Make sure you completely understand their pricing structures.
  • Make sure every last detail is laid our clearly in the contract.

—but is well worth the read before you set out on your hunt. The goal here, after all, is to end up with a person whose work will bring tears to your eyes every time you look at it for all your anniversaries to come, so you want to make sure you make this one count.

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