Survey: What Women Want Most In a Potential Spouse Is … Employment 



The Pew Research Center has just put out a whole bunch of new data into the world that sheds some interesting light on the marrieds—and non-marrieds—of the world.

Apparently, for the first time in basically forever, not-married people outnumber married people in this country. (They’re guessing it’s because people are a) getting married a little later in life these days, and b) more and more people seem to be living together, and even raising children together, without ever officially tying the knot.)

However, 53 percent of those non-marrieds do want to get hitched at some point in life, and plan on it—and another 32 percent are still “considering it.” Most of these peeps say the main reason they aren’t married yet is because they haven’t met the right person—which, for 78 percent of non-married women, they say, means a dude with a good job. That’s a pretty high number! Men care less about this aspect of a lady’s life, and are more concerned with finding someone who has similar ideas about raising kids as they do.

There are all sorts of other interesting tidbits (nearly half of women ages 15-44 have lived with a partner to whom they were not married; 60 percent of LGBT survey respondents were either married or said they would be one day, compared with 76 percent of the general public; in 1960, women with advanced degrees were four times as likely to not be married as women with a high school education or less, but today, everything’s pretty much equal when it comes to a woman’s education and her likeliness of being married) included in this number-crunching, and it’s kind of fun to take a look and see where you might fit into all of it. Take a look.

{h/t: HuffPo}

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