Bridal Fitness: 6 Ways to Get Amazing Legs for Your Wedding and Honeymoon 

Bob Ingelheart /E+/Getty Images

Bob Ingelheart /E+/Getty Images

These three moves from King of Prussia trainer and Rise Gym owner Marshall Roy will get you gorgeous gams for your wedding—and honeymoon.


Works: Glutes. Form: Standing on a resistance band, place feet hip-width apart. Hold the right handle of the band in the left hand and the left handle in the right hand, making an X across the body. Keeping your torso upright, bend your knees slightly and take 10 steps to the left. Then take 10 steps to the right. Count: Ten steps on each side, repeat three times.


Works: Hamstrings, adductors, glutes. Form: Stand directly over a kettle bell with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Keeping shins at a 90-degree angle, lower your body as if you’re sitting in a chair, with your hands reaching down toward the kettle bell. Once your hands touch the kettle bell, grasp the handle and stand up. Count: Three to five reps, repeat five times.


Works: Quads, adductors, hamstrings, hip stabilizers. Form: Standing on a step, take a big step backward with your right foot. Slowly lower your hips toward the ground, gradually bend- ing both knees, until your right knee touches the floor. Pause. Return to starting position. Count: Fifteen reps on each leg, repeat three times.


These perfect fall day-trip destinations double as scenic workout spots:

  • Hawk Mountain Sanctuary {What to do: Hiking} Watch for hawks flying overhead as you trek the trails of this spectacular Kempton wildlife sanctuary. You’ll be so wrapped up in the view, you won’t even feel your calves burning. 
  • Sheeder Mill Farm {What to do: Horseback Riding} Who says romance has to wait until the honeymoon? Whether you opt for a two-hour ride or an overnight trip along these stunning Chester County trails, you’re sure to get a killer leg workout. 
  • Blue Marsh Lake {What to do: Biking} Grab your beau and your bike to explore the 36-plus miles of trails surrounding this man- made lake in Leesport. And don’t forget a protein-packed picnic to chow down on post-workout: You’ll need it. 

This article originally appeared in the fall/winter 2014 issue of Philadelphia Wedding. 

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