PW Reader Ring: Gina & Michael! 

Gina's ring!

Gina’s ring!

The couple: Gina Osborne and Michael Kapusta from Quakertown.

The ring: Michael designed the ring completely on his own. After seeing my love for designer Anna Sheffield‘s work, he wanted to one-up it and create something all his own—a pear-shaped center diamond, with two smaller pears on the sides, set in subtle rose gold to go with my skin tone. He went to the same jeweler his family has been going to for years, Koehler’s in Lansdale. He didn’t even realize while he was designing it that my mother also has a pear-shaped diamond—which makes it so sentimental to me!

The proposal: Michael and I had gone away over Christmas break, and I definitely thought he would pop the question on our trip, as we had been together several years, and bought our house a year prior. Half way through the trip, though, after he misplaced his watch, I realized that there were no hidden boxes in his luggage.

Michael is part Native American, and he always says he runs on “Indian time” … When I ask him what that means, he says “They don’t have clocks!” So as you could imagine, I was beginning to become worried that it would take forever for him to ask me. Little had I known, Michael had the ring hidden for months, and decided to propose on the night we met, three years later. He did it in the sweetest, most intimate way—in our house, with our puppies, right before leaving to go to my parent’s house for a New Years party. I was completely shocked, and when I asked him how he had hidden it all this time, he replied, “I put it behind all my nutrition books. I knew you wouldn’t find it there!” (He says this as I was holding a tupperware full of my favorite cupcakes to bring to the party …)

It was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. To me, it was better then some extravagant, overly-planned out proposal, because it was just us, with our “babies,” in our favorite place.

The band: I’m still in the air about what type of band I want, and I would love some feedback/opinions from people. I was debating on a rose- or yellow-gold band, but I like smaller, more delicate jewelry, as my fingers are pretty thin. We still have some time, as our wedding date is next summer.

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