PW Reader Ring: Amanda & Carlos!

Amanda's ring!

Amanda’s ring!

The couple: Amanda Landel and Carlos Lopez from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a gorgeous white-gold diamond ring by Neil Lane for Kay’s. The amount of diamonds on this ring sparkle so beautifully in the sunlight!

Carlos completely picked the ring out himself without having any idea what I wanted. We never went shopping for a ring together, nor did I leave any hints around. (I had a few rings I loved on Pintrest, but he has no idea what that is, let alone how to search on it for my dream ring.) And yet, the ring he picked out for me is a combination of the three rings I loved.

The proposal: In March, when Carlos told me he was going to lunch with my dad, I thought something was up, but he assured me they just went for a beer so he could show my father his new car. Weeks went by and I forgot about the lunch.

Then on April 29th, we went to a Phillies game with some friends to celebrate their last night in Philly. They were playing the Mets, so Carlos’s brothers had come down from New York (that’s where he’s from) to go to the game with us, too. It was cold and rainy that day and there was a rain delay, so when the game finally started, the whole group of us went down to our seats.

Around the fourth inning, I came back from the bathroom and then Carlos asked if I’d go back up with him to the bathroom. I thought it was a silly request, but figured he just wanted to take a walk with me. He held my hand as I climbed over the empty seats in front of us and made my way to the stairs. But then he stopped, so I turned around—and he was on his knee with a gorgeous ring.

My friends all knew it was coming—the night wasn’t about them moving away, it was actually about our engagement!—and they had all known for a long time. The whole thing is recorded for us to treasure forever. I was completed surprised; it was perfect.

The band: My engagement ring is actually part of a matching set, and the band is covered in diamonds. I love the sparkle in the ring and can’t wait to have the band to add even more bling!

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