We Are Unabashedly Excited for the ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Sequel 


There’s going to be another one!

Well isn’t this fun news: There is going to be a sequel to My Big Fat Greet Wedding!

This movie was all kinds of awesome no matter who you are—you don’t need to be planning a wedding to delight in idea of applying Windex to every bodily ailment you could possibly have—but it’s definitely especially poignant for anyone who is, in fact, in the midst of planning a wedding. Different wedding-themed movies in the past have done fantastic jobs of capturing different elements of an all-consuming wedding—the various stresses it can put on the Father of the Bride, for example!—but I’m not sure any movie has done such an excellent job of capturing how family craziness is both heightened and revealed throughout the course of dating, allowing a significant other to get to know your family, and planning a wedding—with both sides getting involved.

With Nia Vardalos and John Corbett still happily married, of course, it won’t revolve around either of their second weddings, or anything—but word is that another big fat family wedding does bring the whole crowd together again. Personally, I cannot wait to see Aunt Voula again. I hope she talks about her twin.

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