Here Is Kim’s Wedding Dress—and It’s Gorg! 

It's pretty! It's really pretty! Instagram/thelovemagazine

It’s pretty! It’s really pretty! Instagram/thelovemagazine

You guys—this is the first pic I’ve seen of Kim’s wedding dress, and I kind of can’t believe it, but I love it.

Of course, I declare that knowing it’s a very knee-jerk, first-impression kind of reaction since it’s not a full-length shot, or heck, even a from-the-front shot (you never know what’s awaiting you in a full-length shot), but still. It looks really pretty, I enjoy the long sleeves—and I’m even digging the high-drama, yet somehow traditional feel of the veil. (You know we’ve been really into those, lately.)

People, of course, has lots of details and even more details on the festivities that have mostly taken place by now—yep, Kim and Kanye are officially, legally, Kimye—but this is the only dress shot I’ve seen so far.

Obv, we’ll be back to chat after the holiday weekend—and hopefully, by then, will know what goes on with the bottom half of the gown. (And hopefully, are still just as pleasantly surprised.)

So are you with us? Do you like it? 

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