Hey, Brides: You Should Probably Sexercise Before Your Honeymoon (VIDEO)



Oh my.

Thanks to our friends at Be Well Philly, we are here right now to talk to you about Sexercising, the exercise that, as its creator Jason Rosell says, “gives you that longevity on the dance floor—or in the bedroom,” because after all, “Most people get tired within the first four to eight minutes of intercourse if they don’t have any workout regimen.”

This is for reals. This dude Rosell, a personal trainer in New York who was once on VH1’s I Love New York, has concocted this 32-minute workout to help you increase your stamina, build muscle, and, um, amp up a few bedroom moves, I guess you could say (see: his thoughts on squats and crunches).

The New York Daily News piece on him even includes a few sexercises you can easily do at home, and with phrases like “This strengthens your thrusting muscles,” and “pelvic strengthening,” you can see what we mean when we said that you should probably start sexercising before your honeymoon. Call it a wedding gift for your groom?

Teaser video below, though we highly recommend shutting your office door or just waiting until you get home, lest you terrify your co-workers.

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