It Is Now a Thing to Have Robots at Weddings for the Purposes of Live-Streaming, Bearing Rings, General Gimmicky Entertainment

This little dude can wander around your wedding and live stream it to guests who can't attend. Photo via

This little dude can wander around your wedding and live stream it to guests who can’t attend. Photo via

The New York Times recently ran an article all about couples using robots, now, in their weddings.

The uses seem to vary: For some couples, the robots are essentially avatars; they’re a way for guests who can’t actually attend the wedding to virtually attend the wedding, because not only are they able to live stream the celebration (which we have talked about here before) via these robots—but because the robots can literally wander around the cocktail hour and dance floor, the home-bound guest can actually communicate with the people there in a way that’s at least vaguely similar to really  being there in person.

And that’s a legit use for a robot at weddings that we can get behind. (Check out the company featured in the article/video, where you can rent these lil guys for as little as $325 a day.)

The other uses for robots at weddings were mostly for fun/my-wedding-is-going-to-be-different’s sake: ring bearers, officiants, meandering toy/source of entertainment. The videos below—one accompanied the NYT story; the other is a Good Morning America spot that includes an interview with a couple in California who used a robot for guests in New Zealand who couldn’t make it to their wedding—explain all. Enjoy.

{Click here for the NYT video.}

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So what do you think? Would you “invite” one of these guys to your wedding, to live stream it for guests who can’t make it, or any other reason? 

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