11 Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Hate Your Wedding Photos



I have been there when a bride has had the completely wrong wedding cake delivered to her wedding venue, and seen her eyebrows raise when bouquets don’t arrive with exactly the color scheme she had agreed upon with her florist. I’ve seen timelines get knocked off course, transportation not show up, and hemlines get ripped before the ceremony even began. But nothing, in my personal opinion, is so completely heartbreaking as when a couple doesn’t like their wedding photos. Most day-of hiccups are easily gotten over and laughed at (a lot of them make funny stories later!); hating the only tangible thing (you know, besides your dress and whatnot) from your wedding day really is no laughing matter.

That’s why I thought this post by local Philly wedding photog Mike Allebach (hey, we know him!) on Offbeat Bride was so great—it offers some real-talk, actionable advice on this subject straight from the shutterbug’s mouth. Because the thing is, it’s all preventative when it comes to this particular aspect of your wedding; no amount of Photoshop can fix the situation after the day is gone.

Anyone else have some experiential advice to add? 

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