Bridal Blogger Carly: Our Wedding Day! (With Photos!)

Bridal Carly: Our Wedding Day! (With Photos!)

Carly and Sean, walking back up the aisle as husband and wife!

It’s been almost a year since I began writing this blog about planning my wedding. After these last months of looking at venues, selecting invitations, a band, photographer, song, and so-so-so much more, Sean and I are finally married! And since I shared all of the details of our planning with you, I hope you’ll enjoy reading this entry about how it all came together!

I woke up on the morning of June 29th to sunshine streaming into the windows of my sister’s Old City apartment. After seven days of rain and thunderstorms, the sky was a clear blue and the sun was bright. “Happy wedding day, Sissy!” Claire chirped as I opened my eyes.

Claire, my bridesmaid, Megan, and I slowly got up and ready to head to the salon. We met up with the other bridesmaids and drove the short distance to Art Plus Science in Manayunk, where a spread of muffins and mimosas awaited us. After clinking mimosa glasses with the girls I sat down in Kim’s chair and she got to work. My bridesmaids and I took turns getting our hair and make-up done, and after a few hours, we headed back to Claire’s apartment to finish getting ready. The girls at Art Plus Science did an amazing job and we walked out of there a pretty stunning group, if I do say so myself.

At Claire’s apartment, we ate some snacks and sipped some wine before getting into our dresses. The photographer arrived to take a few shots before we left to walk one block to the church. Once there, we were greeted by my aunt Darla, who handed us the beautiful bouquets she’d made, and waited. It was during this period of waiting when the butterflies finally set in. One by one my bridesmaids made their way down the aisle until finally it was my turn. I clung to my dad’s arm and we made our way toward Sean. My dad gave me away with a hug and kiss and into Sean’s hands went mine. The ceremony that followed was beautiful and tearful. We said “I do,” exchanged rings, and were pronounced husband and wife. It was incredible.

Following the ceremony, we took pictures around Old City before arriving at the Down Town Club for cocktail hour. The venue, which went through a huge renovation since we booked it a year prior, was breathtaking. Upon entering the Down Town Club we were ushered to the bridal suite, where we were handed drinks and offered a sampling of the cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres. We girls consoled our aching feet and changed into flip-flops before our Cescaphe attendant Sal kindly asked the wedding party to give Sean and I a few minutes alone. It was nice to have that time together to connect (and stuff our faces with antipasto, lobster tails, oysters, and so much more!).

After Sean and I emerged from the bridal suite, we spent the rest of cocktail hour catching up with our friends until the ballroom doors opened for the reception to begin.

I’ll be honest with you: It’s at this point things become very gray for me, and not because I’d had too much champagne! The night was amazing and I know I had the time of my life, but the night flew by so fast that my memory had trouble keeping up. I can tell you that Sean and I made it through our first dance without a hitch (he even dipped me and we didn’t fall!); when we cut the cake Sean fed me my piece very sweetly and I shoved his piece up his nose (oops!); the band brought it (thank you Cheers—you’re the best!) and even let one of my guests play drums for a song (Neil, you are a rockstar!); my sister, Sean’s best men and my dad gave the best speeches I’ve ever heard at a wedding (and I’m not saying that out of bias!); Sean and I took a knee on the dance floor to chug a beer (he beat me, darn it!); and we danced the night away with some of the best people we know.

We have to thank the awesome people we worked with to make this night as amazing as it was. Megan, Sal and the rest of the Cescaphe crew were attentive and took care of everything. (I highly recommend having a Cescaphe wedding if you’re looking for a venue.) Cheers the Band just rocked—they kept everyone dancing all night. I still haven’t gotten through all of our pictures yet, but those I’ve seen are wonderful (and helpful in jogging my memory about all the events from that night!).

We also have to thank our family and friends. You all are the most fun people we know. You’re love and support is invaluable and we love you all so much. Thanks for celebrating with us and for your generous gifts for our new life as husband and wife. We are who we are because of you and we can’t thank you enough for the goodness you bring to our lives.

Below, enjoy some snapshots of Carly and Sean’s Big Day!


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