8 Easy-to-Make Breakfasts That Will Keep You On Your Bridal Diet

8 Easy-to-Make Breakfasts That Will Keep You On Your Bridal Diet

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Here’s what we know you don’t want to do:

Rush out of the house harried and late for work either because you have now added early a.m. workouts to your get-dress-ready schedule, or because you were up way too late debating the merits of lavender hydrangea vs. periwinkle for your centerpieces. Get to your office, realize that you did not manage to eat anything before you flew out the door like a crazy person and will never make it to lunch, and also realize that your options for eating now that you’re there are rather slim. Go downstairs either to the newsstand where you purchase a pack of Pop-Tarts and (obviously) eat both, or go to the cafe in your office building and emerge with a 700-calorie bagel and cream cheese, because who wants to eat that dry?

That is no way to stay on the straight and narrow with your bridal healthy-eating-and-fitness plan. And because it’s an easy problem to remedy as long as you’ve got a plan and a little time to prepare some healthy to-go breakfasts either on Sundays or in between planner meetings on work nights, we are sharing Be Well Philly‘s roundup of eight healthy make-ahead breakfast recipes that will keep you far, far away from the diet-busting desperation that happens when you find yourself starved and without anything yummy and convenient to eat.

If any of you have any other easy-to-make breakfasts, please share!

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