6 Plan-Ahead Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding

6 Plan-Ahead Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding


There are many go-to tips we bridal-industry people have when suggesting how brides might save a penny or two on their wedding. Sometimes we can sound like a broken record (Consider throwing it on a Friday! Use candles on tables instead of flowers! Don’t spend big bucks on stuff you honestly don’t care that much about!), but there’s a reason they get repeated so often: they’re not-hard-to-follow ideas of the common-sense variety that can really make a significant difference in the finances of your wedding, if you just take the time to put them into place.

That’s why I loved this little round up on ABC News, today: it’s great go-to money-saving tips in one spot! Read it. Take notes. Take heed. You do not have to go broke throwing this party.

What other awesome money-saving tips have you found have really made a difference in your wedding planning?

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