Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Why We’re Purchasing Wedding Insurance

Bride-to-be Blogger Kristy: Why We're Purchasing Wedding Insurance

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This week, I can’t ignore the devastation from Sandy along the East Coast. I was raised a Jersey girl—Eric, a Jersey boy—and so we love that state and have been greatly affected by the destruction of this storm.

This week has been overwhelming with loss: our beaches and family’s homes have been destroyed, our friends in North Jersey and New York are still without power, and seeing your childhood pastimes wash away with the tide is just upsetting. It’s this initial focus on loss that is initially so upsetting—but then there’s that moment of reassurance when you are thankful for the ability to financially retrieve the items physically lost and rebuild through insurance.

I couldn’t help but think for a moment about people getting married this weekend—the catastrophe they face on what should be a magical day. So, it seems fitting right now to talk about a serious, though sometimes forgotten, topic: wedding insurance.

I’ll admit, I didn’t know this existed. (You would just think something as important and expensive as a down payment on a house would be insured somehow, right?) You also want to believe that nothing is going to go wrong on your wedding or the days and months leading up to it. But we’ve all read the horror stories of a couple whose reception hall went out of business weeks before the Big Day, the wedding gown lost at the airport, and the limo driver that never showed the morning of. Fine, I’ll admit, talking about wedding dresses is much more glamorous and exciting then wedding insurance—but it’s something to consider and research. Thankfully, Eric’s dad is in the insurance industry, so not only did he suggest it, he researched it for us and shopped around for the best price and necessary requirements.

Reading insurance jargon is foreign to me, but I wanted to be slightly knowledgeable so I consulted, so I not only consulted this brief synopsis on the subject, I asked my future father-in-law to provide some brides-to-be with some basic information on wedding insurance:

  • Wedding insurance is sold on less than 10 percent of all weddings.
  • Some coverage can fall under your homeowners (or renter’s) exposures.
  • Your vendors may have this included within their insurance policy, so double check with them to make sure you’re not paying twice for certain coverage.
  • All coverage is not the same, that’s why pricing varies significantly.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the storm this week, and I hope you are provided with hope and assurance in the days ahead.

Did you or are you going to purchase wedding insurance for your Big Day? Did you have to use it and find it beneficial?

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