10 Things You Didn’t Think To Register For

(But should.)

Photo by Dynamic Graphics, courtesy of ThinkStock.com.

We know that you two have probably already had a rather tense, er, discussion in the middle of Crate & Barrel over your everyday flatware (and maybe your bath towels. And duvet cover. And tomato peeler.), but if you and your groom are still finishing up and futzing with your wedding registry, these are most definitely some useful tips.

Because the thing is, couples tend to think inside a rather traditional box when it comes to registering—which is great, because that will cover your basics—but to really get the things you’ll use, it actually pays to stop and think a minute. The article covers everything from actual stuff you should consider registering for (did you realize that, like, a DVD player and a camera are perfectly acceptable things to include?) to things to think about when you’re doing it. (You picked out your china, yes—but doesn’t he have slippery fingers? You’ll be awfully sad if you only register for eight place settings and end up with seven of that discontinued pattern in five years.)

It’s good stuff to think about before you grab that barcode zapper, head off to those big shiny stores, and start arguing.

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